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If you need it, we can make it.
Specialty items are made to order to specific requirements.

SSC Spiral steel core
A unique product constructed from low carbon steel strip wound into an open helix. The bright finish is protected from atmosphere corrosion and oxidation by a light oil based coating.

A-SSSL Stainless steel, brass, copper conduit
These products are made from the highest quality materials and used in applications where the conduit is used also as a cosmetic piece.
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FRBP Firebrake product
A NON asbestos product with a high bulk glass fiber and coated with a high temperature resistant silicone rubber. Able to withstand heat up to 500 F.

SFHD SFB STAB Silicaflex
A woven textile product, Withstands short term exposure up to 3000 F.
Flexible and light. Ideal for insulating electrical leads and instrumentation wires.

PRF TSB TSS Pyroflex
A heavy wall, braided fiberglass product capable of operating at a continuous temperature of 1000 F. Pyroflex also has a product called PYROFLECT this unique product is constructed from 2 layers of aluminum coating and a protective film which reflects heat instead of absorbing it.

PEBSX PE_X FEGSX Slit conduit
Available in polyethylene black and assorted colors.

NMC Non metallic conduit grey
Constructed from a high grade PVC this conduit has a tremendous crush resistance and a smooth internal finish.

NMC BLACK Non metallic black
Virtually the same as non metallic grey both are designed for a variety of general purpose uses where flexibility and protection from moisture is critical.

NMCUC Ultra flexible non metallic conduit
This is the best choice for if you are looking for the ultimate in flexible non metallic conduit ultra flex has a high crush rating and is extremely flexible it is perfect for use where constant motion or extreme flexibility is needed.